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Home is a place in the heart to raise a family, rest from the rigors of work and enjoy the companionship of friends.

For over 70 years, the Housing Authority of the City of Austin has strived to serve its residents by providing an affordable home and avenues to self-sufficiency.

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Through the United States Housing Act of 1937, which provides federal assistance to local public housing authorities, HACA became the first housing authority in the nation to begin construction of a housing development. Under the 1937 Housing Act, residents began moving into that development, Santa Rita Courts, in 1939.


One of the principal authors of the Housing Act of 1937 was Lyndon Baines Johnson, then a young congressman from Austin. Johnson built a prodigious political career around his desire to alleviate poverty. HACA was one of the first three housing authorities to receive federal funds from the Housing Act. Johnson had the grants announced in alphabetical order so recognition of Austin would precede the other two cities, New Orleans and New York.

On December 23, 1937, HACA's first organization meeting was held and the ground work was started to construct public housing. The first residents moved into Santa Rita Courts in 1939. Later that year residents moved into Rosewood Courts, and in 1940 the last of the three original developments, Chalmers Court, was ready for occupancy.

Today, the Housing Authority of the City of Austin has grown to 18 public housing developments with 1,929 units, 22 single-family homes and administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program to subsidize housing for more than 5,000 low-income individuals and families. From the Great Depression to the Information Age, HACA has given families and others a chance to come home to a place that is more than just an address.

Housing Authority of the City of Austin Leadership

Michael Gerber, President and CEO
Sylvia Blanco, Executive Vice President
Thomas Cherian, Vice President and CFO
Lisa Garcia, Vice President of Assisted Housing
Pilar Sanchez, Vice President of Housing and Community Development
Ron Kowal, Vice President of Housing Development / Asset Management
Michael Cummings, Vice President of Southwest Housing Compliance Corporation