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Application Information

HACA administers 18 waiting lists for its 18 Public Housing sites. For additional information about our properties, please visit

The first step in the application process is the submission of the pre-application. Pre-applications are accepted through the application web portal at Applicants may only submit one application for each property. All duplicate applications will be deleted. 

If you need assistance finding a free public computer lab in your area, please see our list of computer resources.

Required Information

  1. Full names
  2. Social Security Numbers (if applicable)
  3. Birth dates
  4. Estimated Gross Income

The entire pre-application must be completed and submitted before an applicant can be placed on the waiting list.

Eligibility and Program Rules

A full explanation of all the eligibility requirements and program rules for HACA’s Public Housing program can be found in the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy

A summary of those requirements are listed below.

Am I Eligible To Apply?

To be eligible to apply and be placed on a Public Housing waiting list the following criteria must be met:

  1. The Head of Household must be 18 or older, or a legally emancipated minor
  2. The total household income must be below the income limits established by HUD
  3. At least one (1) person in the household must be an eligible citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  4. The household or family member must not owe a previous move-out balance or debt to HACA
  5. The household or family member must not have been evicted from a HACA program for non-drug related activity in the last 2 years
  6. The household or family member must not have rejected a Public Housing unit offer in the last 12 months

If you are unsure, apply. HACA will review all pre-applications to determine if they are eligible.

Am I Eligible For Housing Assistance?

If your application passes pre-screening and is placed onto the Waiting List, eligibility will be determined when your name gets to the top of the list. At that time, HACA will review the following eligibility categories to determine if you qualify:

  1. Does the makeup of the family meet the definition of family used by HACA?
  2. Is the total gross household income below the income limits for the program at that time?
  3. Does the family meet the criteria regarding citizenship or eligible immigration status? 
  4. Has the family disclosed all Social Security numbers and signed all required consent forms? 
  5. Have all adult household members passed the criminal background check? 
  6. Are any household members on any registered sex offender list? 
  7. Does the family owe a debt to HACA or any other federally assisted housing program? 
  8. Has the family been evicted from federally assisted housing within the past 5 years?

For an explanation of each of these eligibility categories, please read the Eligibility Information in the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy. 

What Are the Current Income Limits?

Maximum Household Income for each Family Size

1 Person Family

2 Person Family

3 Person Family

4 Person Family

5 Person Family

6 Person Family

7 Person Family

8 Person Family










What Are Preferences?

Once families are placed onto the Waiting List, applicable preferences are applied. A preference moves the family ahead of all other families that do not have a preference.

There are three waiting list preferences for which HACA’s Public Housing applicants can qualify. Preferences are ONLY valid for the head of the household or the co-head of the household. Dependents cannot qualify the family for a preference.
The preferences are:

  1. ELDERLY: The Head, Co-Head or Spouse must be 62 years or older
  2. DISABILITY/HANDICAP:  The Head, Co-Head or Spouse must be disabled. The following documentation will be used to verify disability status:
    1. Verification from a medical professional
    2. Verification of disability benefits
  3. DISPLACED FAMILY: Families displaced as a result of natural disaster or government action within the last 6 months. The following documentation will be used to verify displacement status:
    1. Certification from a unit of government concerning displacement due to natural disaster; or
    2. Certification from a unit of government concerning displacement due to code enforcement or public improvement/development or displacement by inaccessibility of a unit.

Validation of preferences will be reviewed at the time of your screening interview. lf your preference documentation is not approved your name will be placed back on the waiting list without the preference.

Do I Need An Email Address To Apply Online?

No. You do not need an email address to complete an application. However, families are strongly encouraged to have an email address and to list it on your application. The benefits to providing an email address include:

  1. If you are eligible to be placed on the waiting list, you will need an email address to access the Applicant Portal.  Through the Applicant portal you can obtain information about your waitlist position, update your contact information, family composition and more.
  2. If you provide an email address, HACA can send out reminders about what you will need for your eligibility interview, how to keep your application current and services available in the community.

An email address does not have to cost anything. Below are links to 3 different options for free emails. You are not required to use one of these three. Any valid email address is fine. However, these are offered as options that are free to you:

  1. Gmail 
  2. Yahoo 
  3. Microsoft

How Do I Update My Information?

Families that are on the Waiting List are required to keep all their information current. To do this, families may create an account in the online Applicant Portal. In the Applicant Portal, families can do the following:

The Applicant Portal is the primary way for families to communicate with HACA regarding their application while on the Waiting List.

It is extremely important for families to keep their information current. When the family name comes to the top of the Waiting List, HACA will send a letter inviting the family to an eligibility interview. HACA will use the address listed on file. Failure to keep a current mailing address could result in missing the opportunity to receive housing assistance.

What Will I Need to Bring To My Eligibility Interview?

When your name comes to the top of the Waiting List, you will be invited to an eligibility interview. You will need to bring the following documents to that appointment:

  1. Unexpired Identification Document (1 of the following):
    • Drivers License,
    • State-issued ID card, or
    • Passport
  1. Proof of Age (1 of the following):
    • Original Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate or Hospital Birth Record
    • Unexpired passport,
    • Matrícula from México or other Latin American country
    • Unexpired Permanent Resident Card
    • Unexpired Employment Authorization Card, or
    • Unexpired I-94 Visa
  1. Proof of income for all family members 
    • All income documents must be dated within 60 days of the date of your interview appointment.
  1. Proof of assets over $5,000. 
  1. Non US Citizens are asked to provide documentation of eligible immigration status.  At least one family member with eligible immigration status or citizenship status is required for the family to receive assistance.

You will not need to provide any of this information until you are invited to the Eligibility Interview.

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