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Partner Portal

HACA’s new Partner Portal for the Housing Choice Voucher Program is live now! Partner Portal is a secure web-based tool where property owners and managers can access information relating to properties currently under contract with the Housing Choice Voucher program. The Partner Portal is available 24/7 and property owners/managers can access Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) details, HQS inspection results, status of tenant re-examinations, various forms and program announcements. Click on the Partner Portal for more information.

The Need for Affordable Housing in Austin

Our current waitlist (over 1,000 individuals) reflects a great need for affordable housing in Austin. Currently, the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program serves approximately 5,100 families a month. With the help of the Austin rental community, we will continue to reach our goal of providing safe, decent and affordable housing to Austin families!

Benefits of Participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program:

Responsibilities of the housing authority, owner and assisted families:

The HCV Program depends on a cooperative relationship between the housing authority, assisted family and owner or property manager. The program is designed to maintain the regular owner and tenant relationship. Our main purpose is to subsidize families' rents; all other aspects of the lease agreement must be resolved between the landlord and the tenant. The following summarizes the responsibilities of each party.

The Housing Authority's Responsibilities:

The Owner:

The Family:

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How to contact our office

Each family is assigned a housing eligibility specialist. See the Housing Choice Voucher Phone Directory to determine which counselor serves the family residing in your unit. If any repeated issues or problems occur with the tenant, contact the appropriate housing eligibility specialist first. If your questions are not resolved, feel free to contact your housing supervisor. If you have specific questions about the program, contact the landlord outreach specialist, Evelyn Holman at (512) 767-7663.

Contact HACA

The Housing Authority of the City of Austin
P.O. Box 41119, Austin, TX 78704

1124 IH-35 South, Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 477-1314
Fax: (512) 494-0686


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