Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Photo of Family Self-Sufficiency award recipient

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program provides opportunities to residents of the Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs to become financially independent.

Each person has an unique life story to tell with a common denominator of financial independence. Established in 1993, the FSS Program links members to supportive services to help them provide for their family without public assistance.

FSS Coordinators work with the members to identify a five-year plan documenting their personal and professional goals. As the resident's rent increases, due to earning higher wages, a portion of the rent is matched by the FSS Program and credited monthly to an escrow account, which they will receive upon graduation.

The agency honors the FSS graduates' achievements each year. The goals and accomplishments of each FSS member are announced and recognition is given to their future aspirations like homeownership, education or career.

FSS Program Participants are linked to the following services:
• GED Classes
• Computer Training
• Financial Training
• Job Training
• Work Placement Services
• Child Care Assistance
• Transportation Assistance

The FSS waitlist is now closed. Please check back for status updates. If you have questions, call an FSS Coordinator.

Housing Choice Voucher Coordinators

Becky Summersett (512) 767-7659
Lisa Marie Garcia (512) 767-7646

Public Housing Coordinators

Michelle Akers (512) 767-7826

Additional Resources

OPEN TO ALL Housing Authority residents:
The FSS Program hosts workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics such as home buying, financial management, job readiness, and health and wellness. Please click on the calendar dates below to register for a workshop and click here to see the FSS and ROSS calendar for the year.

Texas Financial Toolbox - The Texas Financial Toolbox gives consumers an easy way to find nonprofit organizations or government entities that can help them achieve their financial and homeownership goals.

Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency Program

The Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) Program is designed to help adults and youth living in public housing set and achieve goals related to economic self-sufficiency. HACA’s ROSS program is broken down into sets of goals related to education, employment, financial management, parent leadership, homeownership, and Youth Educational Success leadership. The program is self-directed and self-paced.

After a resident becomes a ROSS member, they work with their ROSS Specialist to personalize the ROSS goals, and find local organizations that can help make these goals a reality. As the ROSS member completes classes and accomplishes goals, they become eligible for incentives from partners and from HACA. In addition, qualifying ROSS Members that are working or going to school can receive access to support services like childcare, bus passes, and funds to pay for GED testing to help ensure their success.

Ideal candidates for the ROSS program are public housing residents that are interested in becoming more economically self-sufficient, but are not ready to make the five-year commitment of the Family Self-Sufficiency program. The ROSS program is an excellent way to get ready for the FSS program.